Our commitment to quality

IFTA provides reliable components for animal feeds and personalized nutrition solutions to help you improve your products.

We are in charge to select the best products to fit the expectations of our customers. Our company provides customers with a product that is safe and rigorously formulated and manufactured. That’s why we offer a broad portfolio with innovative and quality products for all types of animal species.

Best quality premixes to ensure excellence

Our commitment with customers

IFTA team guarantees to meet the demands of the customer and offers personalized and continued attention during business relationship.

Our team seeks to solve problems which can affect our customers. We ensure a quality logistic management and our final mission is to fulfill the needs of our customers with efficiency and confidence.

Our commitment to innovation

We offer a wide range of quality, innovation and differentiation products for animal nutrition. We understand that research is the base for development of the products. Following this premise, we collaborate with our suppliers to develop studies which demonstrate the effectiveness of our products.

We also lunch new studies in order to develop new lines of products to improve efficiency. Our aim is to provide practical and innovative solutions with the purpose to improve the production parameters and animal health.

Our commitment with animal welfare

The products distributed have the objective to achieve high level of productivity and improve conversion ratio. But, at the same time our products offered nutritional benefits which ensure animal health.